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Replacement Garage Door Weather Seal

Your garage is a place where you spend a lot of time working or enjoying your hobby, but it can become uncomfortable during times of extreme heat or cold. When it rains, water and wind can make its way into the garage door and cause your haven to become wet and even damage items stored in your garage. Also, unwanted moisture can wreak havoc on the equipment that you need to keep safe. Weather stripping for garage doors can help prevent this from happening.

If you are experiencing the problems described above, it may be time to replace the weather seal along the top and sides your garage door. Luckily, Star Door Parts offers an array of weather-proofing garage door weather seal replacement products, including colored seals that will match your homes color scheme so you don't have to paint it once it is installed. The weather seal is the apparatus that keeps gusts of hot or cold air from traveling through the side of the garage door and the fascia of the house. It keeps your garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter and prevents hot or cold drafts of air from entering your home.

If you need determine what type of weather seal you need for your particular garage door, call us today at (952) 818-6633 for assistance. We carry a large stock of weather seal so we can offer you low prices and same day shipping with quick delivery!

Click here to read our how to article on how to properly remove and replace your garage door weather seal.

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Side garage door weather seal

Garage Door Weather Seal