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It is easy to find the correct replacement remote control or key-less entry pad for your garage door opener. Using the compatibility chart below, just match-up either the date of manufacture of your Liftmaster garage door opener or model number. You can usually find this information imprinted on the garage door opener main power head connected to the rail. Often times you will be able to find the number behind the light bulb cover(s). You may need to remove the bulb to read the label. Remote controls and wireless keypads for garage door openers made prior to 1984 are no longer available.

Chamberlain Remote Control and Keypad Compatibility Chart

Date of Manufacture
Liftmaster Models
Remotes to Use
Keypads to Use
1984 to 1989

140, 150, 240, 350, 450, 550
390 MHz Frequency
61LM, 63LM
1990 to 1992
1000, 2000, 4000, 4001, 5000, 700WHC
390 MHz Frequency
61LM, 63LM387LM
1993 to 1997
1100, 2100, 4100, 4600, 5100, 7200, 8700, 8100M, 710WHC, 711WHC, PD100, PD200, PD600
390 MHz Frequency
83LM, 893MAX, 895MAX, 890MAX877MAX (replacement for 66LM)
1997 to April 2005
1200, 2204, 4200, 4620, 4640, 7902, 8200, 9200, 9902, 9960, CG40, PD210, PD212, PD420, PD4260-2, PD752, PD7055, WD822K, WD822KS, WD912K, WD922K
390 MHz Frequency
April 2005 to Current
7520D, 9950D, 48930D, CG40D, CG42D, HD2000, HD60, HD800D, HD900D, PD210D, PD212D, PD610D, PD612KLD, PD752D, PD758D, PD420D, PD422D, PD462D, WD822KD, WD952KD, WD832KD, WD962KD, WD952LD
315 MHz Frequency
371LM, 373LM, 373P,
Chamberlain Control and Keypad Compatibility Chart