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Wayne Dalton Replacement Torquemaster Springs

You can find most of the Torquemaster ordering information you need to complete the options in the drop down on the label located on the left side of your garage door spring tube. Sometimes the weight appears as WT. See photo example below.

All information must be completed in the options area in order to process and prevent delays. If for some reason any of this information is missing we recommend sending us an e-mail using the contact us tab. Please include your garage door width, height, thickness, model number and if your door has windows or not. If you can not find your model number please use the contact us tab and e-mail us; a couple photos of the inside of your garage door to help us quickly identify your door and we will get back with the information you need to place your order.

It is very important to match the winding end of your spring up to the photo of the product. Note the end has splines. If you have a end that has a hexagon you need to order the Torquemaster plus model.

The Torquemaster springs you will receive will not always match your old springs due to the switch from an oil tempered spring to a new high tensile strength music wire spring. That it is why it is very important for you to fill in all the fields on the order for to assure you receive the proper springs for your door.

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Wayne Dalton Torquemaster replacement spring